Introducing: Pitch América

I’m SUPER MEGA EXCITED to announce I’m going to be hosting a pitch contest come August that will focus on Latinx voices!!! You can visit the site HERE.

I love that the industry is trying to expand their welcoming to diverse voices and how important it is to see yourself represented on books. Not only that, but for our stories to have the same reach as others. And as such, I decided to create “Pitch América”, a contest solely focused on bringing Latinx voices to the table.

The thing is, being Latinx is a very wide scoop of people. We are white, black, mixed, hispanic, native and asian. We’re defined for where we are born rather than our races and culture, all thrown in together. I’d like to get more visibility on that — as well as bring Latinxs forward to tell their stories.

I hope you guys like the contest idea, and will consider participating in it. I’d love for it to be a big thing, and see everyone out there.