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  • Calling Out Problematic Books

    From time to time, we see this come up in book twitter. A book is flagged as problematic, or has some content that we have an issue with. First of all, this is NORMAL. Not every book is going to be perfect. I dare say we are all problematic from time to time, and make […]

  • Small Comment Regarding the Elections

    I’ve been where you are. Recently, Brazilian politics have been a complete mess. There was a very illegal impeachment process for our elected president, and her vice-president replaced her. The current (illegitimate) president, Michael Temer, is from an extremely conservative party, and has taken many measures to repress protests that have been happening due to […]

  • To Prompt or not to Prompt

    This whole blog posted was prompted (a-hem) by a conversation I had on twitter with a friend a few days ago. She had recently finished her first MS, and was lost and wandering in the sea of first-time writers with a ready MS and no idea where to go next.  Some of us have often […]

  • #TBT to my trip to Europe (And some other writing stuff)

    This May I went to Europe and spent two months there – my sister was living in England as an exchange student and she invited me over to visit. I spent almost two weeks in London (where I got to finally meet the wonderful/amazing/real-life-disney-princess Sarah J Maas, who’s my favorite author), traveled to Scotland, Amsterdam […]