Editing Services

Finished an MS and need a new pair of eyes? I am now offering editing and critiquing services for MG, YA and select Adult Fiction.I especialize in science fiction and fantasy, as well as thrillers. If you need polishing before the submission process, I am the person to help you with that.

I am graduated in Literature and Linguistics in the University of São Paulo, and also offer editing and beta reading services. I have helped several writers in critique groups with query letters, synopsis and twitter pitches as well.

For full MS, I offer three tipes of services. Developmental editing, beta reading and sensitivity reading.



For developmental edits, I work with plots, pacing, developing romance and worldbuilding especially. I can also help with nailing down character voice and making sure the story is clear. Anything that falls within characterization, worldbuilding, plot and pacing will be addressed in this package. This includes a full read-through of the manuscript as well as a detailed editorial letter. The letter will address each aspect of your manuscript, bringing attention to their specific points that might be further developed in your story. Service rates start at $200 for works with more than 35,000 words.

I do not especialize on line editing.



I like to work with writers to bring their manuscript to its full potential. That also includes marginalized representation in a manuscript. I work especially with Latinx representation (with a focus on Brazil), bisexuality, aromanticism and mental illness. Charge rates start at $200. This package includes detailed explanations on why a specific representation might be harmful. Disclaimer: A sensitivity reading does not equal my endorsement. While I hope that writers I work with will approach marginalized representation with respect, what they do with my notes is entirely up to them.

Beta readings are focused on manuscripts that need less attention and are close to submission. This package includes an overall critique of the work of 1-2 pages to discuss my impressions. Beta Reading rates start at $100



  • BASIC QUERY: This includes a read through and detailed critique of the query with choice of words, line-by-line. It costs $15.
  • SYNOPSIS: Synopsis include also a line-by-line clarification and critique, with an e-mail detailing overall comments. It costs $20
  • Twitter Pitches: For Pitch events, I can help develop up to 4 good pitches for your work. It costs $15.
  • DELUXE QUERY PACKAGE: Includes synopsis, query critique, twitter pitch critique and a 10-page sample critique of your work. It costs $60.

For any additional reads in the submission packages, an extra $5 will be charged.



Please send all editing inquiries to pohlediting@gmail.com

Please include a title, genre and word count of your work, as well as a brief description of what you’re expecting and the style of critiquing and editing that you think will be most helpful to you.

Thank you for considering me to edit your book. I look forward to hearing from you.