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  • How to Get a Literary Agent, Part 5: Talking to Other Clients

    One of the most important things after getting an offer is talking to the agent’s clients. You want to talk to other clients to see if they’re happy in their relationship with this agent, and to get a feel of what it’s like working with them. This part of the process can be enlightening. One […]

  • How to Get a Literary Agent, Part 4: The Call

    Hi everyone! I’m doing a series of posts on getting an agent and the whole process we go through as writers, and I feel like there are already a bunch of posts on it out there. With that in mind, I’ve compiled the most useful advice I received and am putting it on a series […]

  • How to Get a Literary Agent, Part 3: The Query Trenches

    Congratulations! You know have both your well-researched list of agents as well as your query letter, ready to go. It’s now time to get in there and submit your queries to said agents, and hopefully one of them will turn out to be an offer. There is a good method of submission, which is to […]

  • How to Get a Literary Agent, Part 2: The Query

    Hi everyone! This is post 2 in the series of How to get a Literary Agent.Read Part 1 here. This week we’re tackling one of the most difficult issues of the writing life: the query. I love queries. That might sound weird, but I’ve loved them ever since I’ve learned to write them. I particularly […]