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  • Pitch Wars Mentor Wishlist

    Did I ever think I would be writing this title? No. Is it very cool that I’m writing it? Hella yes! I’m so excited to be a mentor for Pitch Wars 2017. If you look down my blog, you can probably see my mentee bio for Pitch Wars 2016 and 2015. I entered but didn’t […]

  • #PitchWars: Getting Ready

    It’s a little more than a month for PitchWars submission window to open. That sounds like a lot of time, or only a little time, depending on where you stand. Here are some tips of what you should be doing now. Polish your novel. You have one week or two at most to do any […]

  • Pitch Wars 2016 Bio

    I realized it’s been a fortnight since I had posted anything, so it’s finally time for my PITCH WARS MENTEE BIO!!! Pitch Wars, for those still unaware, is an awesome contest hosted by Brenda Drake where the mentees are chosen by authors and get a two month intensive mentoring. Last year I entered and didn’t […]

  • On Pitchwars & failing (of sorts)

    PitchWars results are out and I didn’t make it through. At first, I was really crushed – I was really hoping my MS would get picked up by a mentor, really crossing my fingers at this wonderful opportunity. And when I found out I didn’t make it, my stomach churned and all I wanted to […]