it's only 4 days until nanowrimo starts! I have almost everything ready and written down. I've read loads of advice about Nanowrimo, specially on Sooz's blog - she's great, friendly, and has done nanowrimo loads of time already. Her advice really helped me to prepare for what is to come.Of course, we can't always do… Continue reading Aaaaaaaaaaand…


An Introductory post and some other blabberings.

Hello everyone!I decided along with my friend Fernanda to make some more motivation for Camp Nanowrimo July this year. I've been wanting to start a proper blog for a while, even though I'm not sure I'll continue on blogging and will most definetly not have a regular post-schedule (due to the fact that: i'm a… Continue reading An Introductory post and some other blabberings.