it’s only 4 days until nanowrimo starts! I have almost everything ready and written down. I’ve read loads of advice about Nanowrimo, specially on Sooz’s blog – she’s great, friendly, and has done nanowrimo loads of time already. Her advice really helped me to prepare for what is to come.

Of course, we can’t always do nanowrimo on your own – I thought the camp’s cabin thing was really great, but I’m not altogether truly confortable with discussing my writing with people I don’t know and have no idea how I work. So what I did was convince my best friends to tag along with me – and it was a great idea! They’re having almost all of the same troubles and doubts as me, so it’s good that we can all share this experience. Although they have not exactly written full stories before, I’m writing on a completely new genre and this all has become new for me too.


For now, I have prepared character sheets, a complete outline of the story with specific plotlines and the general setting. I have no idea how this will be coming together throughout the next five weeks, but I’m hoping to get through it.




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