Time to revive the blog!

Yes, I keep doing this for some reason.

I know I don’t usually post a lot and I’ll probably only do so when I’m fired up about something – so expect many posts on subjects I’m passionate about, be it either about movies, young-adult literature, feminism or even Natalie Dormer. I could probably write a hundred posts on this last subject, I’m not even kidding.


So a few updates on my life: I’m currently revising my novel, entitled for now ‘The Siren’s Call”. I know I’ve done this before, but this time it feels just RIGHT. This novel speaks to me. Also it’s the first one written in english, so we might get a chance. It’ll probably be another six or eight months before I start querying and looking for agents – but it’s a pretty big step, even for me! Wow, I can’t believe I’m really doing this, I’m so excited.

Some of you might have guessed, but this novel is about sirens, mermaids – and of course, pirates. It was actually written pretty quickly and one of the most fun I had in writing for a while.

I’ll just leave you with two of the songs that have inspired me to keep writing this, I hope you enjoy (:

(I love this song! And the lyrics! And everything!)

(Is Two Steps from Hell never NOT necessary? This was an amazing song for me, I could totally visualize Marina running around brandishing her sword.)


Those are the updates for now! Can’t promise to write all the time, but I’ll try at least once every two weeks or a month, whenever something good is happening.


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