New Year Goals

2015 was a great year on so many fronts, to be honest. I met some great writing people and CPs who have supported me and my work, revised a novel that’s ready for querying, read some great books and saw some great movies, and also had a great trip to Europe! It was a pretty awesome year, and now I’m taking some goals to make 2016 even greater.

So now to the goals…


  • ON THE READING FRONT: My goal is to read 100 books. Last Year I took PopSugar Reading challenge, which was great and led me to some books I might never had read otherwise. But on the downside, I also read some books that I didn’t really like or enjoyed, so it took me a long while to get through them. This year my goal is to read purely for fun and read loads, and read only books I want to read. I have so many books I bought at home and still haven’t read, so I want to get through that list!
  • ON THE WRITING FRONT: My goal is to revise two other novels (and the one I’m also *almost* at querying process). Finish the other 2 projects I had started (inspired by the tale of Ali Baba and the other one set in modern day Egypt with loads of archaeologists). And maybe like, draft another two projects. But with all this going on, it’s a LOT of projects at once!
  • ON THE MOVIE FRONT: Watch 50 Nicolas Cage movies. Completely random, I know. But my life-goal is pretty much watch every single Nicolas Cage movie there is because he’s brilliant. Or crazy. Or both. (May I direct you to Community’s S05e02?) Also watch some franchises I’ve been meaning to get to. (Die Hard, Fast and the Furious, Alien…). I haven’t also been super straight with my TV shows, so I just want to watch the ones I’m up to date with. (Supergirl, How to Get Away with Murder, Brooklyn 99, Agent Carter. That’s pretty much it.)
  • ON THE DAY-TO-DAY FRONT: I really like my job and although my contract is almost up, I really wish it gets renovated so I can work more. I’m planning a trip to the beach with friends and even a weekend out at another friend’s house (on another beach LOL). I also really wish I get back into exercising, and I’m looking at getting Krav Maga classes. I really loved my experimental one and I’d love to get back to it. I also wish to go back to playing the piano, and although it’s going to be hard, I want to go back to playing regularly.
  • ON THE UNIVERSITY: This year is the year I supposedly finish grad school. With the strikes happening and what-not, it’s always been a little uncertain (Public school is like that). But I’m counting down the subjects I have to take and hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll be graduated! It sounds pretty scary, but it’s also going to be a whole new phase for me.
  • GENERALLY… I want to have more fun. I want to do more things for fun and get less stressed about it. This goals are just to set me better, but I don’t want to get stressed about anything. Stop using the word ‘guilty pleasure’ and just truly enjoy everything I have. I hope you also get to have a great year! Happy 2016!

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