Travel & Life update!

Hey guys!

Since I’m the worst at actually planning to do a blog post beforehand (they usually just pour out of me when I’m under the pressure of writing one), I’m letting you know that there really isn’t going to be a huge blog post this week.

Why? I’m traveling to Egypt today!

I’m so excited about this trip, there isn’t enough exclamation points to actually describe what I’m feeling!!!! My mom, dad, my sister and I will be taking a flight to France tomorrow and then making the connection. We’ll be spending ten days with an excursion group and seeing a bunch of things like Memphis, Sakkara, Luxor, the Horus Temple, the Karnak Temple and Aswan. I do admit I kinda watched The Mummy one more time before packing my bags?

I’ve loved Egypt since I was a little girl (and since reading Asterix & Cleopatra, haha), and I can’t wait to see the Pyramids and temples, and so many great and historical things Egypt has to offer. I also have been thinking of setting a book in Egypt, so this will also be a little research trip. My sister is getting a History degree in University too and she studied hieroglyphs, so I think it’ll be a fun trip to us all.

Anyway, I hope to come back with plenty of pictures and stories to tell, and maybe one really solid idea for a new YA manuscript. If you want to check out my trip, I’ll probably post a looooot of pictures on instagram and snapchat. My username is onlybylaura, feel free to add me there!


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