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Small Update

Pride Month is here!

I really wish I could do a big blog post on favorite characters, or even writing LGBT characters, or anything like that, but fact is: I’m moving! Yay!

And that’s taking a LOT of my time. I’ve mostly been putting stuff into bags, packing my books, crying over how desorganized it all feels, etc. But the good news is that I have new furniture and will soon be able to set up all my belongings in the best Khloé Kardashian fashion (that is, extra organized and extra labels on EVERYTHING.)

I’m really excited to be staying more in São Paulo, because as you know, I finished college last year. I’ve been doing freelance work here and there (and am open to editing manuscripts!) and it’s so great because I love this city so much. I’m really looking forward to what my mom keeps calling “new stage” in life. I always feel like stages had too much to do with Mario videogames, so that always feels weird.

I hope you guys are having a great month of June, and I hope I can do an actual, proper blog post before the month ends. Any suggestions on themes?


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