Own Reviews

Own Reviews is a project I co-author with many other amazing writers and peers of the community.

Own Reviews is meant to feature books that have problematic content on them and create a masterlist of anything a writer should avoid when it comes to representation of other people, especially POC. I exclusively write reviews for books that feature Latinx content. That way, we can feature authors of color and Native background and make sure we get the representation we deserve. By featuring an ownvoices writer explain the problematic representation of said character/world in a book, we hope to dismantle some of the systemic racism that overtakes the publishing industry.

It’s a website featuring reviews of experienced people calling out problematic books that have been written with inexperience and without proper research. We want to highlight both the importance of ownvoices as well as sensitivity readers when it comes to writing outside your background.

You can check out the website by clicking here.