It’s Not About You

So I'm back on the topic of writing about diversity -- but this time, on the response of many white authors that I'm seeing due to critique of their work and how their representation isn't as good as it could be. By now, I've written about this topic effusively. If you're writing about a marginalized… Continue reading It’s Not About You


Bad Representation is Bad Writing

This week a friend of mine came to talk to me about Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR. Although I thought that the making of the movie was beautiful (the shots! the planets! the score!), I couldn't simply set this aside and say it was a good movie because of the way the female characters were treated. To… Continue reading Bad Representation is Bad Writing

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Reducing characters

This topic came up a few days ago when I started a conversation on my twitter with some friends about fat representation in books. I've recently started drafting an idea about witches that features a fat main character (who's a witch!). Like many of my book ideas, it involves magic, family, and friendship. But it… Continue reading Reducing characters