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  • How to use Scrivener, Part 1: Creating Your Novel

    Hello, everyone! Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics: Scrivener! For those of you who don’t know, Scrivener is an amazing writing tool that many writers use to draft their manuscripts. It’s designed for both writers and screenwriters, and has an amazing set of features that allows you to move chapters […]

  • Knowing Your Genre, Part Five: The Last One

    Hey everyone! For those who have been following my blog for a while, you know I’m writing a big series of posts on genres in fiction and how to identify what your book is, and what it’s not. It helps especially when you’re querying, because when an agent sees “time-travel sci-fi”, they know exactly what […]

  • Knowing Your Genre, Part 3: Magical Realism

    Hi everyone! This is the third post on a series where I discuss literary genres. This week I’ll be discussing magical realism. Read part 1, Fantasy. Read part 2, Science Fiction. Read part 4, Horror. Read part 5, Thriller and others. So what is Magical realism? Magical Realism is one of the hardest genres to […]

  • Knowing Your Genre, Part 2: Science Fiction

    Hi everyone, and welcome to the second blog post on the series on Genres I’m doing. Last week I talked about fantasy subgenres, and this week my sole focus is science fiction. Read Part 1: Fantasy. Read Part 3: Magical Realism. Read part 4: Horror. Read part 5: Thrillers and others. For those who are […]

  • Knowing Your Genre, Part One: Fantasy

    Hello everyone! With PitchWars almost in the corner and everyone getting ready for submission, it’s time we all have everything set — there’s always time for last minute revisions and changing your queries, but don’t stress it out. After posting my wishlist, there was a particular question that I got asked a couple of times: […]

  • Your Experience is Not Universal: and that’s okay

    There’s been a constant discussion on twitter about writing and who gets to write what. As for contemporary, there’s always been that unspoken rule about #ownvoices — someone writing from their own experience will have better knowledge of the subject, and thus will know what they are talking about, and it’ll be written with better […]

  • Calling Out Problematic Books

    From time to time, we see this come up in book twitter. A book is flagged as problematic, or has some content that we have an issue with. First of all, this is NORMAL. Not every book is going to be perfect. I dare say we are all problematic from time to time, and make […]